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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Giving up Shampoo and Conditioner

A few weeks after giving birth, I was reading Us Weekly (I got Paul a subscription as a joke and I now read every issue.  I can identify the Kardashian's now, but still don't care about the bachelor or bachelorette or the housewives of New Jersey) where a read that Adele does not shampoo, she uses only water on her hair!  I was intrigued so I turned to Google for some answers.  I found a bunch of articles and info on the "No Poo" movement.  Nature moms spells out many of the benefits, and I liked the info I found on the crunchy wife.  Considering that my hair care regimene consisted of shampoo and conditioner then finger curling my hair absentmindedly while it dried or throwing it up into a ponytail, I decided to give it a try; my routine could be even easier!  I have not used shampoo or conditioner for about 3 weeks.  I have not noticed any major changes, honestly.  My hair gets greasy after about 2 days without rinsing, but it would have done that before.  I use a bit of baking soda rubbed into the hairline about twice a week when it looks really oily and then, when I use the baking soda, I do a dilute apple cider vinegar rinse.  My goal is to be able to use straight water only in a few months.
Just woke up- no rinse for 3 days

Major ponytail hair

See the grease at my hairline?  And dry tips. 

My initial concern was not with the use of no shampoo, it was more with the fact that all of the websites that I consulted told me that I would need to brush my hair in order to distribute the scalp oils throughout.  I don't brush my hair.  I haven't owned a hair brush in 10 years.  I finger comb.  That is it.  I am still not sure how this will affect the final result.  I might have really dry ends all the time.  That would be a bummer. 

Even if my hair does not improve at all there are a lot of positives:
  • Save money
  • less chemicals on my hair and in the water
  • Easier
  • Faster showers
    • save water
    • get back to potentially crying baby faster
I will report back as things change.  

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