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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wipes on hold

I will be waiting a while before I try to make wipes out of paper towels as I want to use up the napkin wipes that I made first.  They do not pop up so I have to open the container and peel them apart each time I want one, and they are so thin that I often need many for each diaper change, which means peeling apart thin delicate paper towels many times, but that is okay.... waste not want not, right?  I did swipe a few paper towels from the dispenser in the Macy's bathroom to measure them against the wipes dispensers.  (On a side note, thank you to Katrina for introducing me to the lovely women's lounge at Macy's.  Perfect for nursing in comfort.)  The towels are about 1 inch too long for the dispenser, but I am going to try it out anyway and just cut that 1 inch off the end.  I wonder if I can come up with something clever to do with the little scraps that I will cut off... suggestions?

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